LegalUp is shaking up the legal documents automation market. Our team of lawyers and developers has created a white-labelled platform that is sophisticated and yet very user-friendly. It enables organizations to boost their efficiency by enhancing customer experience while generating contracts or completing forms. Unique modules enable organizations to easily comply with complex regulations.

Legal Tech IL encompasses the Legal Tech ecosystem in Israel and internationally and connects its partners to the heart of the industry and its developments.

Force Majeure specializes in digital investigations in cyberspace, computers and cellular devices.
company’s services include: the collection of digital evidence, information and data recovery, identification of criminal activities in cyberspace, presentation of expert opinions in the cyber field and appearance as expert witnesses in court, forensic JTAG, Information security review and threat assessment.

iManage is the leading provider of work product management solutions for law firms, corporate legal departments, and other professional services firms

RELS Advanced Technologies is a solutions provider in the fields of Business and Technology, Software, Hardware, InfoSec, and IS; as well as Service Outsourcing and Communications Solutions.


Autorni reshapes the way companies use corporate and commercial legal information. Autorni’s actionable AI-powered legal dashboard automatically created from your company’s legal documents, enables you to easily manage, track and monitor your corporate and commercial affairs, anytime and anywhere.

LawGeex is transforming legal operations. Our artificial intelligence solution helps legal teams automate the review and approval of contracts. We make in-house legal work easy, efficient and impactful, allowing our customers to focus on the big picture instead of getting lost in the paperwork.

Conflicteam is a system to resolve disputes online without intervention from another person or entity. Conflicteam is a useful tool and interface for two parties who are entangled in a dispute or some other type of conflict.

Assist-Ant is a smart text completion app, aimed at saving valuable time for legal professionals. Our machine learning software automatically works with any windows application to auto-complete common phrases, laws, regulations, forms and templates, spell-check and learns your personal writing style. Visit us at Assist-Ant.net

Bavli is an OCR product converting scanned documents (pdf / image files) to docx documents which you can edit and search in. Bavli also keeps the original structure of the file with tables, paragraphs and images.
There are many OCR products for tier 1 languages (English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish etc), but very poor results on second tier languages (Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Greek etc). This is our specialization – we support over 50 languages with extremely high fidelity to the original document.

Legal Business Lounge,  is a unique business platform created for lawyers by lawyers.
Our vision is to empower the lawyer’s community and position them in the forefront of business.
LBL consists of three pillars:

Database of transactions and ventures in Israel and abroad
Professional collaborations
Transfer of cases between lawyers from various fields.

The software goes beyond simply creating and managing contracts – it completely transforms how organizations manage risk, enabling them to shorten sales cycles and reduce costs. It is an extremely important cost-effective solution saving companies significant amounts of funds once implemented and used correctly.

Next Case is the only database in Israel for outsourcing lawyers. The site allows law firms to hire external lawyers by outsourcing. The lawyer who will receive the case will work as a freelancer, which will help the law firm that transferred the case to keep the client without increasing the number of employees.

Cryptonomica.net is the global database of verified identities with
service for online and offline verification, digital signatures and
online dispute resolution.

Legally translates legal language to everyday language.
Our online platform connects customers with lawyers, in order to provide seamless transformation of legal process to a quick, accessible, affordable and hassle-free service.

K-Lawyers.com is a new professional marketplace connecting independent lawyers with law firms to modernize the legal profession.
Our smart, easy-to-use platform allows law firms and general counsel to efficiently expand their practices and contract lawyers to boost their incomes while gaining valuable experience at their own pace.
Contract to expand with K-Lawyers at K-Lawyers.com.


The Economic Company of the Israel Bar Association Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Israel Bar Association and currently employs fifty employees. The Company has been active in the legal market for decades and includes various departments whose purpose is to service all of the requirements of lawyers. The Company in its current state is an extension of the far reach of the Israel Bar Association, and accordingly it has made it of the utmost importance to have its guiding values excellence, quality and professionalism. Such values guide us both on our path to develop and impart legal information as well as to provide unique services to the legal community at the highest level and without any compromises. Our declared policy is to lower the prices of products in the legal world a considerable amount.